Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Teton Turns Two: Part II

Happy Birthday, Teton!!!

It's hard to believe that my little monster is two years old today.

It seems like just yesterday he was discovering how funny fuzzy toys felt in his mouth...

Learning to sit...

Seeing snow for the first time...

Exploring his adventurous side...

And perfecting his porn star skills.

Sigh.  I miss those puppy days a little. 

TLB got a new toy for his birthday!

A goose for my goosey!  Yup...$5.99 at Target, ladies and gents!  We have our fair share of $30 toys (don't ask) but sometimes those $10 and under toys are the best!  Teton doesn't destroy any of his toys so I'm lucky in that I don't have to worry about what we give him.  This toy, however, has the potential to be dangerous.

Check out the rope legs on this mother!  

Those strings, if consumed by TLB, will undoubtedly result in the dreaded string poop.
You know what I'm talking about.  That look of fear if your dog's eyes when their Number Two is not exiting the way it's supposed to!  

We've had our fair share of TDSP in the past two years.  But I think TLB is over it.  Of course, I'm always watching when he chews on a toy or treat, so if there is excessive string consumption I put the kibosh on it immediately.

Anyhoo, enough talk about poo.  TLB loves his new goose and so did my bank account.  

I don't want to give this toy an official rating since Mr. T. hasn't had enough time to "test" it yet, but I'll fill you in on some deets a bit later. 

Stay tuned later this week for a post about what TLB eats for dinner every night! 

Take it easy!   

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  1. TDSP! That sounds like some scary stuff, Mr. T!
    Lions and Tigers and TDSP, oh my!!

    Happy much belated b-day Mr. T!