Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Training Treats: Part Deux

Did you guess what tonight's treat was from yesterday's photo?

It's Premier's Liver Biscotti!

Can I get a grande soy hazelnut latte extra hot with that?  No, I'm kidding.  I never did like biscotti much. 

This guy does, though!  I've been stuffing these little nuggets into my pockets when I'm at home for when training opportunities arise (which is all the time, my friends!) so The Little Blogger has been staying right by my side. 

Check it.  Similar in size (a teensy bit bigger) to Zuke's Mini Naturals

Yes, Premier, do tell.  What makes Liver Biscotti so great? 

If that truly is the ingredient list, well, we're wagging our tails for joy!  Oat and barley flour (no wheat = score!), beef liver, carrots, applesauce (yummy), parsley, and canola oil!  Y-E-S.

1.  Price - Between $6 and $8 for an 8 oz bag.  This little bag is packed to the brim.  Definitely worth the money.  

2.  Quality - Made in the USA!  No preservatives.

3.  Benefits -  Small size makes it a great training treat. 

4.  Ingredients/Features - Awesome.  No wheat or eggs, and on top of that, what it does have is wonderful for your furry friend!

5.  T-Factor - TLB likes Liver Biscotti a lot.  Of course, you are all going to think that this rating criteria is bunk because, when doesn't he like a treat, but I promise you, there aren't a lot of treats he'll follow me around the house for.  This is one of 'em!

6.  Uniqueness/Fun - Very, very crunchy.  Makes it a new eating experience for your pup.  Also, it doesn't get stale as easily as softer treats, which is especially helpful if you keep them in random coat pockets like I do! 

Ladies and Gentlemen...we've got another eight out of 10!  I think that might be a record.
This is a great treat.  One of our new favorites. 
I think this one seconds that. 

Night, y'all!

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